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Ansarada Data Room

Data room that simplifies M&A deals


Ansarada is an Australian company that emerged in 2005. Since that moment it tried to penetrate into the VDR market and to make an affirmative emphasis on the segment of M&A deals. However, the functionality of the platform remains standard and does not exceed the set of instruments required for successful M&A.

Ansarada focuses mostly on the clients who involved in the execution of M&A transactions. Indeed, Ansarada virtual data room states it was created exclusively for facilitation of deals between buyers and sellers. From the perspective of its functionality, this VDR is characterized by several pluses and minuses. Apparently, when it comes to merger and acquisition projects Ansarada simplifies the life of the both sides, of their advisors and analysts significantly as all the functions offer and the interface are designed in the way that speeds up and facilitates the entire process. However, the data room seems to be not the best choice for other types of deals: Ansarada cannot be treated as a good platform for long-term data storage and exchange. Hence, it performs better when being utilized for individual deals.


  1. Theodore Bennett
    Personal Financial Counselor

    The AI feature really simplifies the document search for me, and I enjoy it greatly. It kinda knows what I need as I log into the data room and creates this personalized feed for me. Most of the time, I don’t even need to look for files as they’re right here in front of me.

  2. Ffion Thompson

    The AI feature really helps me to understand what’s going on in the data room. I don’t quite understand how it works, but it always brings me exactly the documents and stats I need. Moreover, it looks like a simple data room, and I now understand how to use it right away. I need it for M&A, and I didn’t try using it for other purposes yet.

  3. Pancras Endicott
    Head of IT Audit and Advisory Services

    To me, Ansarada data room has a way more intuitive interface than other providers. Although it is just my opinion. The price is very appealing, and the service is overall good. There are some delays when it comes to the document uploading, but that’s not a big deal.

  4. Caitlin Hilton
    Civil Engineer (MSc), Technical Manager

    Ansarada data room is very effortless to navigate. Neither we nor our clients and partners had any issues working with it. The reports are very useful, and the support team is always ready to come to the rescue. The only thing I dislike is that you have to go one by one through documents to set permissions.

  5. Malinda Jardine
    Legal Officer

    We are using Ansarada data room for due diligence. It’s Q&A section, and clear organization of documents speeds up deals significantly and improves the results. However, it takes a lot of time to upload large files. And sometimes you can’t understand if they got uploaded at all.

  6. Sammie Lovell
    Sammie Lovell

    Ansarada data room serves us well when we need to share documents within and beyond the company. The interface is easy to work with, so we never had issues there. However, the download of the data is confusing. The files get divided into three ZIP files, and you can use only Internet Explorer for downloading.

  7. Larry Purcell
    Marketing and sales manager

    It was easy to set up the Ansarada data room and get started with it. The provider offers very responsive support in case something happens. But there is an issue with reports. We simply can’t print them entirely.