Box Virtual Dataroom

Box Secure file sharing platform

Suitable data room for individual consumers

Even though VDR services do not constitute the primary focus of Box data room the key reason why it should be included on this list is Business on Box platform developed within the company. When users start dealing with this product, they notice immediately the resemblance inherent to Box virtual data room and diverse file sharing services available free of charge (e.g., DropBox). While exploiting the similar user-friendly interface inherent to freemium services Box proves to be more advanced in terms of information protection. Moreover, the platform offers the wider range of instruments and provides clients with multiple features that make internal communication and collaboration with external partners more smooth and convenient. The set of options immanent to Box is rather standard: experienced users would not detect anything innovative or surprising among the functions. In the example, the platform provides such options usual for VDRs as segregated permission groups and automatic expiry of access to certain files.

However, Box secure storage seems to be more suitable for individual consumers that are not involved in large-scale and complex transactions and projects. The room lacks certain options which facilitate M&A transactions and ensure multi-sided data protection. Thus, corporate clients and organizations dealing with highly confidential data storage and exchange may treat Box as not the greatest selection.

  1. Herbert Mills

    We are using Box to exchange documents with our clients, and we like it so far. The files get uploaded quickly and it’s easy to navigate the repository.

  2. Elsa Cruz
    Finance manager

    I tried Box but it was too overwhelming to me. Now I’m looking for another data room that will be easier to understand to me as I’m quite bad at technologies.

  3. Hamish Russell

    I chose Box because it’s compatible with all the tools we are already using in the company. Overall, the data room is easy to use and provides us with the necessary features.

  4. Esme Ayers
    Executive Director - Transactions

    I like Box data room because my employees can store and share files without any delays now. The service is very convenient, and the interface is very easy to understand. The only thing I dislike is that you can’t download multiple files separately. They get grouped in the ZIP file.

  5. Noble Robinson

    We were using Google Drive and then decided to switch to the Box data room. And this tool truly made the data exchange easier for us. We now can work way faster and more efficient than we used to. Although the price is a bit too high.

  6. Brody Vipond

    With Box data room, we can store and share files easily within the company and with our clients. The tool is very modern, and the interface is easy to use. We don’t really see any downsides here. Although I understand that other providers are way more advanced in terms of collaboration tools.

  7. Walton Thompson

    We are using Box data room for a year now, and it really improved the data exchange for us. The interface is very intuitive, and we never had to contact the support team so far. The only issue I have with this data room is that the download sometimes takes a lot of time. So if your connection is not stable, you might end up not downloading the file.

  8. Monte Quick
    President and CEO

    Box data room makes it easy to store, share, and manage data. And we like that it is possible to access the repository from the mobile device. However, since we’re working with media files that are quite large, we feel somewhat restricted in terms of space. Sometimes it’s impossible for us to transfer very large files.