Sharing documents daily in a business environment is common. Sometimes, those files are too large to email. What are our alternatives? Read on for several answers to, How to send large files online?

ways to send large files online

Google Drive 

Sometimes we need to send documents online. Google Drive provides cloud storage and is arguably the most popular file-sharing service available.


  • 15GB of free storage is sufficiently large enough for most companies to get acquainted with the service.
  • The Google ecosystem supports mobile apps and is an impressive competitor to the Apple ecosystem.
  • The program offers clear and concise pricing packages.


  • It is difficult to access offline files without using Chrome.
  • Using Google Drive is not recommended for a business setting where confidentiality is vital.
  • A password change can hinder offline file access.


Looking for ways to send large files online, give Filecloud a try. They offer a variety of features, including apps dedicated to the file-hosting service. The built-in virus protection is also a convenient solution.


  • Virus protection is not something commonly found in generic cloud storage services.
  • You have different ways to access your data, including a software solution and a cloud-based solution.
  • There are many customizable features in the interface.


  • The subscription requires a minimum of five users.
  • It is not the best option for a small business.
  • It provides poor language support for non-English speakers.

Box Business

Box Business is a service that can be integrated into almost any of the popular business apps. Salesforce, Google, or even Adobe Sign are compatible with Box. Alongside a variety of security features, this cloud storage service is a truly competitive software solution.


  • It is easy to integrate with other cloud service providers.
  • The solution is compliant with industry standards.
  • It offers a transparent pricing scheme.


  • It is difficult to edit files on the mobile app.
  • The search function is not well-developed.
  • The trial period is too short.

Virtual data room

This solution is most tailor-fit to the business world. Virtual data rooms have been consistently rising in popularity, providing features, which their competitors do not provide. They combine security with ease of use and are an important addition to any corporation. It might be the best way to transfer large files.


  • This solution is focused on security, enabling the use of encryption, security protocols, and compliance with the latest industry standards.
  • Apart from on-board safety features, you can also manually control who has permission to see the files, and using remote shred or fence view, you can ensure double security.
  • Most  virtual data rooms offer 24/7 multilingual support.


  • This cloud storage solution is much pricier compared to the options above.
  • Bulk upload is possible, but some services have file size limits.
  • Some data rooms don’t have mobile apps.

Many solutions support large file transfers. Of all of them, a data room is the best way to send large files online. Virtual data rooms provide their users with security — the number one priority — while transferring large, important files. You might pay more than for a generic cloud storage solution, but you get the peace of mind that your files are in good hands.

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