Brainloop DealRoom

Secure Communications by Brainloop

Brainloop secure dataroom is the vendor with its headquarters in Germany. Its main focus is assistance throughout deal-making collaborations. It means that Brainloop provides diverse software that simplifies and facilitates communication between the project participants and guarantee safe information exchange. While Ansarada and RR Donnelley make emphasis on mergers and acquisitions and design their VDRs in compliance with the latest requirements buyers and sellers, Brainloop has released the platform that has no particular specialization: Brainloop DealRoom would be convenient and helpful for all deal-makers who seek for the safe environment for information exchange. The variety of its customers proves the universal nature of the VDR: social networking sites (e.g., Twitter, Foursquare), Allianz, the European Space Agency, etc.

The VDR resembles a Swiss Army Knife: being equipped with a wide range of tools Brainloop Secure Data Room turns into the instrument that may come in handy disregarding the type of the project, the purpose of a use, and the sphere the client works in. Moreover, the download of the software is not required. However, the complex functionality of the platform might cause delays in the execution of transactions: a certain time might be required to introduce inexperienced clients into the way Secure Dataroom functions.

  1. Curtis Laverne

    Brainloop is easy to use and offers all the basic features I need. There is nothing special about this data room but I feel comfortable using it.

  2. Ferdie Ogden

    Brainloop data room is definitely not the most advanced solution. But it fits our needs because we honestly don’t require many tools to work with our documents. We use this data room to perform basic data exchange with our partners. And so far this provider works well for us.

  3. Neal Robbins
    Principal/Consulting CFO

    I like that Brainloop data room doesn’t require to install any software or additional plugins. It is very easy and quick to set up and to use. We’re using it to exchange data with our clients, and I like that they don’t have issues using it. Also, we can track their activity, which is useful.

  4. Zeph Triggs

    We’re using Brainloop data room for the internal data exchange. And so far it works well for these needs. However, I realize that there are other providers that offer more features and are more advanced. But perhaps, we don’t need anything more than Brainloop offers.

  5. Billie Lowry
    Database Management Specialist

    We could set up Brainloop data room very quickly. It’s really intuitive and easy to use for us. We’re using this service to participate in tenders, and it fits our needs. I especially like that there is a customer key for additional security.

  6. Branden Sempers
    Chief Business Officer

    My company is using Brainloop data room as a sell-side during the M&A. This service is not the best we could have, but we needed a solution quickly. And this provider was decent in terms of price and features it offers. Maybe we will switch to another vendor later.