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Digify News

What Is Document Rights Management Software?

Documents Rights Management, Information Rights Management and Digital Rights Management are all interchangeable terms that are part of the Rights Management System, which refers to the protection and management of information to a select group of individuals. What …

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Upcoming mergers and acquisitions 2021

The year 2020 has been one of its kind. With the pandemic, global lockdowns, implications of Brexit, and a sensationalized U.S. Presidential elections, it is evident that economic uncertainty has been very high. With all the facets of …

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Intralinks SS&C News

About VDRPro

The Intralinks vdr team has created an enhanced way to speed up workflows and close deals. Companies are increasing efficiency and making information even more secure. After assessing the needs of customers, the provider divided the product to …

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Smartroom News

VDR solutions for ABS

The asset-backed securities market requires the application of online instruments, as this is a rapidly developing segment. It is characterized by large volumes of information and jobs that are complex and labour-intensive. Typically, corporations ask for virtual data …

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Box News

Box and Adobe Acrobat

Due to the high competition and specific conditions today, companies are trying to find ways to stay afloat. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a worldwide crisis. As a result, many directors gave up and went out of business. …

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