Organizations that hold clinical research know how hard this process is. Teams have to manage vast amounts of data, much of which is highly sensitive and subject to some privacy rules. Therefore, organizations need to excel in two tasks simultaneously: handling loads of information and protecting it from data leaks. These goals are quite cumbersome to reach, and we didn’t even mention other challenges yet.

These issues are precisely the reason why many clinical research organizations adopt virtual data rooms to manage the information and keep it safe. However, not every provider is suitable for clinical research trials. To fit the needs of such an organization, a vendor must have certificates required by corresponding privacy rules.

iDeals is one of the data room providers that is suitable for clinical research trials. It offers an easy to use yet filled with valuable features software that can simplify the workflow for the teams.

Reasons to use iDeals data room for clinical research

The primary benefit organizations will get from adopting the iDeals VDR is impeccable security. This virtual data room provider protects customer data both at rest and during the transfer using the most reliable encryption. Additionally, to prevent the human mistake, iDeals allows teams to set up multi-factor authentication and supplies them with more security functions such as watermarks, fence view, granular permissions, reports on user activity, and so on.

Also, iDeals data room will let teams manage information during clinical research trials and keep it organized and easily accessible. This VDR makes it easy to find the required files quickly thus eliminating any delays or misunderstandings.

Teams will as well benefit from collaboration tools such as notification, Q&A section, and the Live Discussion function that’s basically a secure live forum for authorized users.

Finally, with iDeals organizations can reach much-needed transparency of all processes thanks to granular permissions, login, access, and activity tracking.

Let’s summarize how iDeals can improve clinical research trials. This data room will:

  • Keep sensitive data protected;
  • Help teams manage and standardize information;
  • Let members collaborate;
  • Improve the transparency of processes.
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