The pandemic and lockdowns it has had resulted in have damaged virtually every business around the globe. For some companies, the quarantine was fatal as they couldn’t operate anymore. Quite expected, the number of mergers and acquisitions deals has dropped significantly. And the scope of those that are getting held now is not even close to the size of M&A deals in the past.

m&a community by ideals

However, iDeals doesn’t let entrepreneurs give up. Moreover, this virtual data room provider tries to help businesses survive the crisis and communicate to see new opportunities for further growth. iDeals achieves these goals through its M&A Community Portal it has created.

What is the M&A Community Portal?

It’s a platform iDeals has created to host events, conferences, and workshops. They become virtual forums for businesses around the world where entrepreneurs can learn about and discuss M&A deals, cross-border investment strategies, taxes, legal risks, and potential cultural conflicts. All the speakers and participants of these conferences and workshops, of course, focus on the current cumbersome situation companies are going through.

However, iDeals hopes that this M&A Community Portal will be not just an educational platform for businesses, but an opportunity to discover new possibilities for mergers and acquisitions, investments, and other collaborations that might be a chance for companies to survive the crisis.

Each event is usually dedicated to the situation in a certain country or a specific issue. But despite the topic, entrepreneurs from around the globe can join the conference or the workshop. Even if the event is focused on a specific country.

For now, M&A Community has held ten events that brought light on important matters and current situations in different countries. On September 24th another conference took place — it was focused on the Portuguese economy amid the pandemic.

If you want to attend the virtual event, you simply need to register for it on the page dedicated to it. Additionally, you can become a speaker at the M&A Community conference or workshop. And if you want, you can even become a partner of this forum.

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