About the iDeals customization feature

Not all data room providers allow users to customize the software. Mostly, you’ll find old-school vendors among them that exist for decades and started their journey back in time when no one dreamed about the internet. They simply …

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Rebranding of Merrill DataSite One

Does it really make any difference for clients? It’s always fascinating to watch how old-fashioned companies change their appearance because it happens very rarely. Most of them are quite conservative and prefer to stick to the same identity …

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Intralinks acquired by SS&C

Reviewed by SS&C is a global vendor of financial services technologies. On November 16th 2018 this company acquired Intralinks – one of the most well-known data room software providers that at the moment of transaction had more …

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Data Room News

Virtual Data Rooms. Main Trends in 2020

Data rooms have absolutely revolutionized the way companies go through all the document-related processes. This technology eliminated the need to travel and, therefore, spend money, time, and other resources. A virtual data room allows businesses to save their …

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