Coronavirus has hit a lot of people more economically than physically, and numerous businesses have already suffered because of the global quarantine. It’s not easy for most companies to work remotely, especially considering that most of them have never practiced such an approach to teamwork. Employees struggle to work at home because of distraction and the lack of instruments, and partners are desperately trying to keep relationships afloat.

covid and data rooms

A virtual data room is, of course, not a one-for-all solution that will resolve all the issues businesses face during the quarantine. Yet, this tool will make things much easier when it comes to working with documents within a team. So, here is how the data room can help companies survive social distancing and maintain productive teamwork.

Everyone has secure access to the required files

It is an obvious advantage you will receive from a data room. But what we should highlight is that the access to corporate files remains secure. This is important because it’s hard for businesses to control the environments where their employees work and make sure it’s safe.

Even if the network an employee is connected to is not quite secure, two-factor authentication and other security measures data rooms offer will be enough for the corporate documents to stay protected. So all team members will have access to the required files, but none of them will expose the information to any threats.

Easier communication

Members of the data room can leave comments to documents and highlight the required parts to draw to them the attention of others. These features will help employees to communicate without taking sensitive documents to possibly not secure messengers to discuss. All the communication between employees and third-parties can be held within the data room.

Integration with other tools

You can find quite many different digital business tools that can ease the teamwork, and we’re sure it’s a safe bet that you’re using some of them already. Most data room providers allow integrating their software with other business tools so that you can create a seamless digital workspace. When you gather all the needed instruments in one place, you will create a convenient environment for your employees.

You can see the activity

During deals reports about user activity are a valuable source of insights. But during quarantine, you can use this tool to watch over your employees who work at home due to the social distancing. You can see who has accessed certain files, what did they do with them, and for how long – this will give you greater peace of mind as you will know that your team members really do their work.

Data rooms are one of many tools that can help teams to stay productive during the quarantine. Put this service in the core of your remote workspace, and you will know for sure that your corporate documents are always safe and that your employees proceed with their tasks.

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