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DealRoom is entirely focused on this business process, trying to offer the best software possible. This provider can support the whole life cycle of Mergers and Acquisition from the moment of preparation, through the auction and deal itself, and up to the merger process.

A bit about Dealroom

The founder of this data room was running a boutique Mergers and Acquisitions practice. And he was trying to come up with a solution for the main issues businesses face — the need to store documents securely, manage and update them, and avoid duplicates. That’s how the idea of Dealroom data room was born. 

Today this provider does its best to help businesses close deals as fast as possible by eliminating the hassle from the Mergers and Acquisition process. Dealroom data room is suitable for any industry and companies of any size.

A look at the features of Dealroom

This virtual data room provides users with an effortless drag and drop upload, full-text search, and 4-level access restrictions for enhanced security. Dealroom allows managing several deals simultaneously and even provides businesses with a timeline view that lets users see each deal’s progress. The data room also keeps all the contacts of invited parties in one place for easy access.

During the deal, users can analyze third-parties’ activity to track the progress and get useful insights. Dealroom also offers ready-to-use templates of workflows and letters to help businesses accelerate processes.

To simplify the post-merger integration, Dealroom allows businesses to plan it out on the M & A process’s first day. It’s easy to track the progress on the integration in this data room and make sure everyone collaborates efficiently thanks to the teamwork flow of Dealroom.

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