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Docsend is rather unusual solution, yet the vendor promises that it’s easier to use and even more secure than a traditional data room. Among Docsend’s customers, you will find many well-known corporations, so this software must be good. Let’s take a look at the history of this tool and the features it offers.

How was Docsend created?

Founders of this software wanted to make deals, especially fundraising, more transparent for those who are trying to raise funds. They had this idea when they were going through a fundraiser and realized that they have no clue how investors decide. So that’s how Docsend was born.

Today this provider caters essential features to many large brands, including Buzzfeed, WebSummit, and Ericsson. The customer reviews are generally positive, and there are only small drawbacks users are pointing out. Some clients find the interface a bit outdated and hard to use, and others report that certain features don’t work as well. However, Docsend tries to improve its product all the time. So we can expect the provider to solve occurring issues.

Are Docsend’s features any different?

It seems that the only thing that makes this provider differ from others is that Docsend has two modes — personal space and a virtual data room. The first mode allows users to upload and store files, as well as share individual ones. And the data room mode works as a normal VDR, allowing clients to create workspaces and invite other users to join them.

When it comes to the features, Docusend offers the standard set of tools: easy upload, document sharing, watermarks, e-signatures, granular permissions, interface customization, NDAs. So while the provider claims to differ, it seems to be just an alternative take on data rooms.

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