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Venue (by DFIN)

Donnelley Financial Solutions (DFIN) was established in 1983 and is a leader in risk and compliance solutions. Although DFIN is known for their print services, they have been transforming themselves into a Fintech company providing solutions for mergers and acquisitions (M&A) as well as other regulatory SEC compliance software such as 10-K and iXBRL.
One of DFIN’s platforms is their Virtual Data Room (VDR) known as Venue.  Venue data room is known for it’s global scalability and can include add-on features such as artificial intelligence (AI) through their eBrevia engine to help automate contract reviews.
Venue is also known for it’s encryption security for global projects and was also awarded Virtual Data Room of the year by the M&A Atlas awards in 2016, 2017 and 2018. One of the benefits DFIN’s Venue product has is live human interaction for services and technical support.
  1. Justy Phil
    Personal assistant

    Venue is a decent data room, and even though I like it, I don’t think there is anything special about it. However, I don’t really need the AI feature.

  2. Rowland Garnet

    The built-in artificial intelligence is such a time-saver for me. My company goes through deals constantly, and the AI allows me to understand the terms of contracts in one glance.

  3. Joel Perkins

    It’s easy to trust RR Donnelley data room because this provider is very old and experienced. That was the reason we picked this vendor. It feels a bit restricting because this data room doesn’t have all the features other providers offer. But in general, it is a nice fit for us.

  4. Aric Attwood
    Operating Partner/CFO

    I’ve heard a lot about Venue data room as our partners were using it. So I merely picked the provider I knew. This data room is not the best option on the market, and there are more advanced providers. But so far, I am satisfied since I am new to this technology.

  5. Fred Ely
    General Counsel

    We are a financial service company, and we need to make everything for our customers to feel secure. We chose RR Donnelley data room because this provider exists for ages, and everyone seems to know and trust it. The service has all the required features, so there is no issue here. It lacks customization, but that’s not a big problem for us.

  6. Leon Marchand
    Strategy consultant

    We’re using Venue data room for due diligence and to share information with our clients. It is a decent service that provides us with all the tools we need to work with data. The software is simple enough for all our customers to understand. So we are quite satisfied with this data room so far.