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This vendor focuses on accelerating M&A processes to help clients close deals faster and successfully. That’s why its data room is secure, fast, and offers full control over the activity of invited parties.

In this review, we will quickly talk about the story of Ethosdata and its features to help you understand whether this virtual data room is suitable for your needs.

The story of Ethosdata

This virtual data room was born in 2007 because its founders simply couldn’t find a suitable tool for their Mergers and Acquisition deals. They realized the challenges and issues businesses go through during M&A, so it was easy for them to come up with the correct solution. The result is a virtual data room that’s sufficient not just for mergers and acquisitions, but for IPOs, asset sales, fundraising, and other processes that involve a lot of documents. Ethosdata is used by financial companies, law firms, and organizations from many other industries.

Customers like this data room for its intuitive interface and a responsive support team that’s ready to step in and help users to get the most out of this software. Clients find the set of tools Ethosdata offers rather suitable for their needs.

Ethosdata primary features

The most important tool of Ethosdata is Intelligent Insights. Businesses that go through an M&A process will appreciate it — this function helps them track bidder interest to figure out who would be the best choice. All the other tools are quite standard — Ethosdata allows users to upload and share files, and have full control over the levels of access invited parties get. If your team needs some help, the support team of Ethosdata offers extended training sessions.

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