Simplification of every collaboration aspect

Firmex combines traits of the huge VDR vendors and brave small-scale startups. On the one hand, you enjoy the functionality inherent to experienced providers. At the same time, you observe constant innovations and moderate prices that characterize fearless newbies who fight for the own niche. Being a relatively new player in the market, Firmex has managed to gain the respect of numerous clients worldwide: the company claims to support over 75,000 clients. On the list of their users, the one may notice such well-known names as Deloitte, PWC, E&Y, Deutsche Bank, and many representatives of investment banks, legal firms, energy, mining, pharmaceutical sectors, etc.

The VDR proves to be the most convenient for merger and acquisition transactions as it is equipped with multiple instruments that facilitate communication, speed up due diligence, and simplify every aspect of collaboration. In general, the room offers the usual set of options required for successful deal-making. For instance, it can boast of an excellent customer service. However, Firmex data room possesses plenty of unique and advanced features to surprise any customer. “View As” option is of a particular interest: it allows the platform owner to check out how each of the visitors views the VDR and to ensure himself that none of the files was accidentally viewed by a wrong user.

  1. Terry Baker

    The on-demand option is great for us because we don’t need a data room that often. We only used it twice in the past three years, so I really like that we don’t have to pay for the service we don’t use. Firmex supplies us with all the features we need for those rare times when we use it.

  2. Travis Tucker
    Bank employee

    It’s a very simple data room that offers only the basic features, but I honestly don’t need more. I use Firmex to just keep corporate documents digitalized and safe.

  3. Haris Robertson

    We use Firmex to exchange documents with our partners, and the features cover all our needs. I especially like that the upload speed is very high and I don’t need to wait for too long.

  4. Eddie Wilson

    I don’t need a data room that often, so the on-demand plan Firmex offered was very appealing to me. The interface is simple and I’m satisfied.

  5. Randi Honeycutt
    Operations Manager

    Firmex VDR is decent, especially considering its affordability. Of course, there are downsides here and there. But in general, we’re quite satisfied with this service. The simplicity of the interface and extended support are the reasons we chose this provider.

  6. Edwina Travis

    We find Firmex VDR to be very good and suitable for us. The interface is easy to work with, and we get all the features we need. Also, the protection of the data room is very reliable. Therefore we can be sure our files are safe.

  7. Katharyn Hunnicutt
    Project Coordinator

    We are using Firmex data room for due diligence and to support the internal flow of documents. The service is very easy to use – even our least tech-savvy employees could understand it. The search function could be more advanced to be fair. But when it comes to everything else, Firmex is good.

  8. Kylie Robert
    Executive Director

    The Firmex data room has a very simple interface that is, in my experience, more convenient than other providers have. Firmex offers some very useful plugins that I personally find helpful. Although the Q&A section is too small and search functions are less advanced than in other data rooms.

  9. Kieran Adkins
    Board Office Manager

    I’m quite old-fashioned, so it’s appealing to me that Firmex data room offers support via phone call. It’s nice to be able to just talk to someone and get help without typing in your requests and actions. Overall, the service is good. The only issue I keep having is that users sometimes don’t receive invites.