Looking for funding is stressful. You have to make investors like you and your idea, and find value in what you’re doing. However, that’s not the only thing that can make you stressed out. During the pitch, you’ll need to disclose quite a lot of information you’d like to keep between yourself and investors. That’s why you need a virtual data room — to keep your details secured.


Reasons to protect the pitch

Not many startups think about security because they feel like they’re not telling anything too important. Yet, you simply can’t give investors a half of data they’ll need to make a decision. Basically, you should provide them with all the details about your idea, the way your startup works, and so on. And that might be something you’d like to keep in secret.

iDeals data room will take care of your privacy while you’re doing your best to interest investors in working with you. Moreover, this tool will let them communicate with you and between each other, ask follow-up questions and quickly receive answers, and conveniently go through the documents at their own pace. Meanwhile, you’ll be able to see which files they’re viewing and for how long — that might be a source of valuable insights.

How to set up your iDeals data room for a VP pitch?

Setting up iDeals is very simple. You just need to upload all the necessary files, organize them if needed, and then invite investors to the repository. iDeals supports all formats of files, so it will be effortless for you to gather all the information you want to disclose. When organizing the iDeals data room, think of the impression you want to create and try to establish such a sequence of files that will tell investors a story about your startup.

Finally, iDeals allows you to customize your data room with your corporate colors and a logo. Do that to show investors that you’re confident and serious about your idea.

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