Not all data room providers allow users to customize the software. Mostly, you’ll find old-school vendors among them that exist for decades and started their journey back in time when no one dreamed about the internet. They simply don’t recognize the importance of customization. Sadly for them, everyone understands why such a feature is required. And iDeals seems to realize that perfectly.

ideals customization feature

What does iDeals allow to customize?

Well, quite everything. Users can add the corporate colors and logo to their data rooms to make them a part of the corporate identity. Also, they can rework the invitation email to make it look like it belongs to their company. Besides that, iDeals allows clients to customize the watermarks and the ways they’re displayed.

Finally, users can customize the header and footer of all the documents that are printed and downloaded. And business owners can create their own terms of access to the iDeals data room and define how often invited users will have to accept them. This allows businesses to protect their documents legally.

Why does customization matter so much?

When you’re just beginning to work or negotiate with the third-party, the looks are everything. With a customized data room that can’t be confused with a data room of any other company, you’ll create an impressive image of a business that has everything put together. And that’s one of the most important things when it comes to collaboration. This detail will let you gain the trust of your partner, investor, or some other third-party.

Finally, many customization tools iDeals offer are focused on letting you protect your documents even better. Custom watermarks will ensure that they’re not confused with any other watermarks, and the terms of access that you’ve created will give you better peace of mind as you’ll be able to use them in court if it ever comes to this. And custom headers and footers will let you protect your downloaded and printed documents.

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