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Intralinks Dealspace

Classic data room for secure data exchange

Intralinks data room belongs to the oldest players in the VDR market. Being established in 1996 it has over 20 years of experience. The company works mainly with large enterprises (such as representatives of Fortune 100) and focuses on big-scale deals. On the one hand, it allows the data room provider to gain an extensive experience in solving the most complicated riddles and in assisting throughout the most cumbersome deals. On the other hand, the prices for services are higher than average. In general, there are three product editions that differ in terms of functions available and that suit certain types of deals. In a case, the basic model is not enough for successful deal execution it can be extended with the help of extra modules which focus on specific processes. Hence, Intralinks makes sure that any client would get exactly what his project requires.

The VDR performs all the functions expected from a classic data room. In addition to the secure data storage and exchange, it ensures smooth collaboration inside and outside an enterprise: the tools offered simplify communication between the employees and give a chance to stay in touch with external parties. The deal-making is the main focus of Intralinks and it does its best to guarantee support on each stage of the project execution. Especially helpful it proves to be in a course of due diligence.

  1. Shawn Powell

    We are a law firm and we’ve picked Intralinks because everyone knows it. Our clients feel much more reassured using the service they’ve heard about. And for our needs, this data room offers enough features.

  2. Rita Ferguson
    Financial Advisor

    It’s a good data room with all the features needed for due diligence. I don’t know how well it will work for bigger needs, but I use it to just exchange information with my partners and clients and for internal data maintenance. The service is always available, and I’m satisfied with it.

  3. Alicia Romero

    To be honest, I picked this provider as the only one I’ve ever heard about. I am not aware very well about all the vendors out there, but Intralinks seems to do the job for me.

  4. Lita Troy

    My company works in the finance industry, and my clients, obviously, want to feel secure. So I chose Intralinks because everyone seems to know it.

  5. Allan Kiersten

    I decided to try Intralinks because it’s an old and, I guess, trusted provider. Yet, I was disappointed because I didn’t get all the features I needed, and the cost was high.

  6. Sam Harland
    Director of Operations

    We are using Intralinks VDR as a financial company, and this provider fits us well. We have many reputable companies among our customers, and they appreciate us using the data room they know for eternity. And in general, it is very easy to use and offers all the necessary features.

  7. Layne Fields

    As well as many other Intralinks reviews suggest, I have to say that even though this provider offers great service, it is in fact overpriced. It’s not that we can’t afford it. We were using Intralinks for years. But as more affordable options arrived, it is logical to switch to them.

  8. Merlyn Lockwood

    Intralinks dealspace has an intuitive interface and all the features our company needs. It might be a bit overpriced, but its vast experience is worth it. However, lately I experience the login page constantly refreshing and not letting me into the data room.

  9. Jude Morris
    Finance Director

    We were using this provider for a couple of years. But due to the Intralinks pricing, we had to switch to another one. Intralinks data room is good and very convenient, but there are cheaper options that are not worse than this provider.

  10. Goddard Everly
    Managing Director

    Intralinks dealspace must be one of the oldest providers, and I like this fact. As a law firm, we have to make our customers feel comfortable and confident. So using such an experienced and well-known provider, we show our clients that they can be calm. And in general, the data room is quite good.