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Datasite. Convenient information storage

in March 2020, Merrill announced a new brand name – Datasite. It states that the Datasite is “the digital home of M&A” now.

Similarly to DatasiteOne, DataSite prefers to collaborate with large enterprises and financial institutions. The company claims to be the “global leader” and assists lots of customers worldwide: their VDRs are mainly utilized for the execution of complex and cumbersome deals. Therefore, there is no wonder that prices for services are pretty high.

The VDR complements the other services of  DataSite (Merrill) that provides consulting, content management, and financial services. Along with DataSite, customers may enjoy such platforms as Bridge, Connect, and DPA. Their main task is to ensure smooth and productive internal and external interaction and teamwork. Given the variety of options offered, DataSite can still successfully take the burden of managing the information of any enterprise. It means that the client can confidently delegate these tasks to DataSite and concentrate on more acute nuances of the company’s performance. Anyway, the new brand of VDR offered by Merrill data room abides by all the industry standards and provides customers with all the required options – secure file sharing, convenient storage, integration with software, intuitive navigation, multiple communication tools, etc. Nevertheless, it seems to be more logical to exploit the DataSite in a case when other products of the company are being utilized too: the client would experience all the advantages if the services are used in a complex.

  1. Syeda Webb
    Investment Consultant

    I quite like what they did with the data room after the design change. It became much easier to use, and I like the interface more now. The features remain the same – and they’re rather standard. I can’t tell that this data room offers anything unusual.

  2. Zack Fox

    It’s a basic yet good data room that is a bit overpriced, in my opinion. I might switch to another provider as I find a better or at least cheaper option.

  3. Clyde Clay

    I’m using this data room for M&A, and I find it sufficient and rather simple. However, I didn’t try using it for any other purposes so far.

  4. Anderson Boon
    Process Development Engineer

    Our company switched to Merrill virtual data room just recently, and we so far like this software. This provider performs better than the previous one, and we got used to Merrill quickly. It is easy to work with files in this data room, especially thanks to text recognition.

  5. Phil Spence
    Finance Executive

    We’re using Merrill VDR for M&A as a sell-side, and it works well for us. The interface looks to me somewhat outdated, but that’s not a big deal. It is easy to understand – that’s what is important. And our partners don’t seem to have any issues with this data room.

  6. Dustin Triggs
    Chief Development Officer

    We were using Merrill virtual data room for several years, and it fits our needs entirely. Sure, we had some inconveniences throughout our experience. But the support team is always very helpful. I believe that this provider will fix even those smallest drawbacks it has any time soon.

  7. Denholm Haynes
    Director of Legal Operations

    Merrill data room is very straightforward and pleasantly-looking, in my opinion. We are completely satisfied with all the features it offers. And over the time we’re using it – a couple of months – we’ve never experienced downtimes. However, maybe in the future, we will spot some flaws.

  8. Lola West
    Strategy and Marketing Advisor

    We find DataSite Merrill to be very simple in terms of the user experience. None of our team members or partners had any issues using this data room. However, we haven’t invited our clients to it yet. But I believe, they will find the interface intuitive, too.