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ShareFile Citrix Systems

A cross-storage platform for small projects

ShareFile was created in 2005. From the beginning, it performed a role of a venue for safe files exchange: FTP sites were not convenient and efficient enough to be utilized. In 2011, ShareFile became a part of Citrix and started a new page in its development. Previously Citrix worked on diverse services embodied in such programs as XenApp, NetScaler, and CloudBridge. And ShareFile became the one that was supposed to work as a virtual data room.

The evident advantage of ShareFile is its integration with diverse software, especially with the programs available for free (for instance, DropBox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and others). It is extremely convenient from the perspective of the customers that prefer to use free service. However, programs open for the free access usually lack security tools and the level of data protection which they could guarantee is rather low. It means that ShareFile might fail to satisfy expectations of serious and well-off corporations and enterprises, large financial and law players. But when being exploited as an integral part of the other Citrix software ShareFile may come in handy. It performs its role of a VDR successfully but it would not be suitable for complex deals and for storage of confidential and sensitive data. Citrix sharefile virtual data room reviews say that ShareFile is recommended for small-scale projects and clients that need a cross-storage platform.

  1. Ellie Powell
    Financial Coordinator

    It’s not the best solution you can find, but Citrix is good. It was our first data room in the company, and we liked using it. The interface is simple, and no one had any issues with the software. Now we’re using iDeals because it offers more features.

  2. Lucie Hill
    Market Risk Analyst

    I got very confused with the plans of other providers – almost no one really told me the prices right away. Citrix is very clear about the pricing, so I’m sticking to it for now. So far, I like this data room because it’s very easy to use.

  3. Claudia Young
    Revenue Coordinator

    Citrix is easy to use and it’s relatively cheap. We needed to pick something quickly for our internal document management, and we’re satisfied with this provider so far. It offers us all the necessary features, and we don’t have issues with it.

  4. Michelle Bailey

    The billing of this provider is very straightforward, so that was the reason why I picked it. Citrix is a very basic data room, and I’m sure there are more sophisticated options.

  5. Rich Jason
    Executive Officer

    I like Citrix because it allows me to see the activity of every user. I know that it’s a rather standard feature but I like how this provider executed it.

  6. Roxie Jaylin

    To me, the best thing about Citrix is that it’s cloud-based. I didn’t need to install anything, and my partners also can access the documents instantly.

  7. Hector Tanner
    Director of People & Operations

    ShareFile VDR is a great tool for collaboration and data exchange. Everyone in my company quickly figured it out. The only issue we spotted is that the version control can mess the versions if you get suddenly disconnected. And the system doesn’t give any warnings.

  8. Wilson Oakley
    Director of Finance

    Our team is scattered around the country, so we needed some virtual space to store and share data. And ShareFile virtual data room seemed to be the solution we required. It is very easy to use and can be accessed from different devices, which is important for the remote team. The only downside is that even if a person is working on the file, someone else can interrupt the process, and the changes won’t be saved.

  9. Melvin Jack
    Operations Manager

    I think that ShareFile VDR is a very good app for data exchange. However, it is a bit more expensive than other similar providers. But still, it is very easy to use, and no one in our team required any training to figure out the features. I can’t think of other downsides besides the price.

  10. Daley Carman
    Chief Legal Officer

    We are using ShareFile virtual data room as secure online storage for our files. So far, we’ve never invited any partners or customers to is, so it’s in the future for us. But for now, we enjoy how simple it is to work with documents in this data room. Especially considering that it is accessible from all devices.

  11. Ashley Wilcox
    Chief Financial Officer

    ShareFile virtual data room is very useful when you need to share large documents quickly. It is very simple, and you get notified if your file is downloaded. However, I feel like the storage is too limited. I’d like to have more freedom in terms of space.