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When you check out this vendor’s clients, you will see some really famous brands there. So, should we believe that Smartroom data room is truly the best one? 

Well, we could. But better, let’s study this provider a bit closer to see if these claims are true. We will take a look at its features, story, and use cases to create our own opinion about how good it is.

The story and use cases of Smartroom

This provider exists since 1998 — it was created by BMC Group, the corporation that supplies organizations with different business solutions. Smartroom was supposed to be a next-generation content management system, and BMC Group collaborated with M&A Accelerator by IBM to create this virtual data room. 

Today Smartroom is one of the most popular data rooms. It has seven offices in the States, five across Asia, and one in London. So customers of this vendor can expect reliable support regardless of their location.

Despite that BMC Group worked with M&A Accelerator, which is suited for mergers and acquisitions, Smartroom is sufficient for other document-heavy deals, too. Customers use it for IPOs, bankruptcy and restructuring, post-mergers, fundraisers, everyday document maintenance, and other needs. This provider caters software to various industries, from finances to life science.

Smartroom’s features

This virtual data room is fairly standard — you won’t find unique features here. However, functions Smartroom offers are executer perfectly. The software supplies customers with tools that simplify document management, e-signatures, granular permissions, and a Q&A section. Additionally, users can customize reports and alerts and use them to monitor invited parties’ activity.

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