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Cloud-based data room for corporate files

With Vault Rooms data room provider, you will get a chance to run the data collection, go through due diligence, and close deals as quickly as possible while keeping all your corporate files perfectly secure.

Since this data room is cloud-based, you and your partners or clients won’t have to install any software. And the interface is extremely straightforward. There are only the most necessary features without any confusing over-the-top tools. Therefore, the adoption process is very swift and simple. It’s quite unlikely that any of your team members, partners, or customers will need any training to learn how to use Vault Rooms.

The best feature of this data room is the possibility to assign tasks to others. You can also remind the person about the assigned task via email, and the system will keep you updated on the status of this process. 

V-Rooms (Vault Rooms) gives you a full view of the activity of other users within the data room. You can see what documents each authorized person accessed, what they did with the files, and when they were active. This can give you many useful insights on how to close the deal successfully.

  1. Jake O'Neill

    I used this provider for a while, but I always felt like I need something more. I use iDeals now, but I still think that V-rooms is good for beginners.

  2. Sylvia Jordan

    This data room is rather basic but it’s also simple because there are not too many features. I own a small company, and V-rooms is enough for us so far.